Best online casinos that accept PaysafeCard in Canada

As an online casino player, you are faced with a choice every time you decide to play a game. First of all, you need to decide which casino to play at. Finding a casino can be tedious because there are so many choices. But if you focus on what’s important at an online casino, your task will be much easier. The thing is, you need to see if the casino offers a good selection of games, customer support, protection, and of course, a decent list of payment methods.

Casinos that offer all types of payment solutions are the best, as you should not be limited to traditional payment methods, but you should have the freedom to choose alternative solutions. One alternative solution that can be found in many online casinos today is Paysafecard. Paysafecard is the payment method that has gained the trust of players in no time, and you will soon find out why. In a matter of minutes, you will also be fascinated by it and want to play with it. So before you choose an online casino from our list of the best casinos with Paysafecard, be sure to check out our review of this method and check out all it has to offer.

Top 5 best online casinos Paysafecard

  1. Party Casino;
  2. LeoVegas Casino;
  3. Royal Panda Casino;
  4. 888 Casino;
  5. Pokerstars Casino.

We advise you to read the list of the best casino sites that accept deposits Paysafecard casinos Canada.

An authoritative source reports, based on the payment provider’s announcement, “The payout service allows gambling operators to send money back. Customers of the service can request a withdrawal to their My Paysafecard account online or withdraw funds from an ATM using a Paysafecard Mastercard.”

About Paysafecard

Paysafe is one of the most powerful and reliable financial companies in Europe, and it was the company that invented the amazing Paysafecard concept more than two decades ago, in 2000. Formerly known as Moneybookers, the company, based in Vienna and rebranded to the Paysafe Group since 2015, is behind two other mega-popular online casino payment methods, Skrill and Neteller. And while you’ve probably heard of them, as they are extremely popular and successful payment solutions across Europe, you probably have the wrong idea about what Paysafecard is really all about.

A little about the history of Paysafecard

As its name suggests, it is a prepaid card that allows you to pay online safely and securely. It was created with this goal in mind – to make shopping easier and safer for users who were experiencing difficulty shopping online due to the lack of convenient and secure ways to top up their accounts. Thus, at first, it was an efficient online shopping system that allowed users to shop online without any problems.

But thanks to proper funding from the European Union and the reputation it has gained, this payment solution has become much more. Users loved it mainly because the solution didn’t require them to disclose bank account information or connect to any financial institution. Thus, those online shoppers who didn’t have a bank account or couldn’t apply for and get a credit card were finally able to shop online without worrying about anything. They were finally able to use cash to pay for their voucher, their prepaid card, which could be used for online payments on many platforms.

This helped the decision expand to countries such as Germany, Slovakia, France, Switzerland, Greece, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Soon after, the solution expanded to non-European countries and went global, being adopted and used in countries such as Turkey, Canada, the U.S., Mexico and others. After gaining global acceptance, Paysafecard was licensed by the Financial Services Authority through its UK subsidiary, which only strengthened its integrity and reputation as a safe and regulated online payment method.

Today, Paysafecard is available in more than 40 countries. When the company expanded it to include UKash, it only further strengthened its offerings. It is now one of the most common payment solutions for online casinos.

Types of services offered

Paysafecard was first launched as a prepaid card, so you can buy a card or voucher and use it to pay online as a one-time deposit. The prepaid card is available in several denominations and can be purchased offline and online, at PayPoint outlets, retail gas stations and in stores. In addition to the regular prepaid card, which can be purchased both offline and online, there is another card that can only be purchased online, the My Paysafecard.

Over the years, Paysafe Group has partnered with many significant names on the financial scene, one of which is MasterCard, a global brand. In collaboration with MasterCard, the Paysafe Group has launched the Paysafecard MasterCard. These are cards that can be used to pay both online and offline, wherever MasterCard cards are accepted.

Getting started with Paysafecard

You first have to choose which of the three products you want to use. Of course, each is a different product, suitable for different users. The regular Paysafecard voucher is available in the following denominations C$250, C$150, C$100, C$50, 30 CAD and 10 CAD. You can purchase it from any land-based authorized reseller. You just need to visit the store, hand the staff cash for the purchase, and you’re ready to use your card.

My Paysafecard

Can be purchased online, at PayPoint retail locations. To use it, you’ll need to create an account. You’ll need to provide your name, address, email, and come up with a username and password that you’ll use to access your account. Then you’ll need to log in and use a regular Paysafecard voucher, debit card or credit card to fund your account.

Paysafecard MasterCard

Can be issued by financial institutions authorized to issue MasterCard cards. You will need to find such an institution and go through the procedure you normally go through to get a MasterCard.

Regardless of the option you choose, you will receive a 16-digit PIN after your purchase. This is the code that you will need to use when you want to fund your online casino account with your card, no matter what type you choose. So make sure you keep this code safe and don’t share it with anyone to protect your identity and your funds.

Paysafecard on online casino sites

One thing you need to know about this excellent payment solution is that hundreds of online casinos accept it. Therefore, regardless of the type of card you decide to use, you will have plenty of casino options to consider and play with your card. Naturally, the first thing you need to do is choose the right casino for you.

Once you choose an online casino

To make a deposit with Paysafecard you need to go to “Cashier”, or in other words “Banking section” or “Deposit section”. Click on its logo and a pop-up window will appear where you’ll need to select your card. If you’re using a regular prepaid card, you’ll need to enter the 16-digit code you got when you made the purchase, and once you confirm the transaction, the money will be instantly transferred to your online casino account.

If you use My Paysafecard, you will need to log into your account. To do this, you will need to enter your username and password, along with the personal information you used when you created your account. You then need to enter the amount of money you want to deposit into your online casino account and confirm the transaction. As soon as you do this, the money will immediately be in your casino account.

The beauty of depositing with a Paysafecard MasterCard is its convenience. The fact is that if you’ve ever used a credit card, debit card, or any other prepaid card to make a deposit at an online casino, you can make a deposit with this card as easy as 1, 2, 3. You will need to enter the card number, your name as the cardholder, and the expiration date of the card. Finally, you will need to enter the amount of funds you want to deposit with the online casino and confirm the transaction. Again, the money will be transferred to your casino account instantly.

As you may have already guessed, this payment solution can only be used to fund your account. You cannot withdraw money with it as it is a voucher. You will see that none of the casinos offer it as a withdrawal method, so you will have to look for an alternative method to cash out your winnings. As an alternative, you may want to consider methods such as Skrill and Neteller from Paysafe Group. These e-wallets have proven to be effective and popular for withdrawals, as thousands of players use them as withdrawal methods every day.

Restrictions and requirements

Obviously, before you decide to use this method as a payment method at an online casino, you need to check if this method is available in your country. The limitation on the number of countries where it is accepted may not seem significant to you, since the solution is available in more than 40 countries worldwide, but make sure you check whether your country is among those 40 or not. If not, you will not be able to use it.

As for other restrictions and requirements, be sure to check the annual, monthly, and daily limits on how much you can top up your card before choosing the product you want to use. There are different limits for young people and adults, so be sure to check them out.

Benefits of the PaysafeCard payment system

As you may have seen, Paysafecard is definitely one of those payment methods where the benefits prevail. For example, as an online casino player, you can immerse yourself in gambling and spend more than you planned if you use, say, a credit card. With a voucher, you can’t spend more than you want to, and it can ensure that you manage your bankroll properly. You can control your spending and enjoy and practice safe gambling.

In addition, this solution allows you to enjoy complete anonymity and high level protection, as all of its products are carefully encrypted and protected from any abuse or interference by third parties in transactions. And even though there are currency conversion fees, you still have the option to make transactions in foreign currencies should you need to. The solution gives you the ability to pay in many currencies, including U.S. dollars, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollars, euros, and more than 20 other currencies.

Finally, let’s not forget that this is an absolutely, amazingly easy-to-use solution. There is no lengthy application process, there is no wait to get started with it, and you can make transactions with it in just a few clicks.

On the other hand, the fact that this solution is not available to players from some countries is one of the two disadvantages. The other disadvantage is the fact that you will have to look for an alternative withdrawal solution, as this is not the withdrawal method that is accepted in all online casinos.

Conclusion of the PaysafeCard payment system review

Without a doubt, Paysafecard is a payment solution worth considering for online casino deposits. It is cost-effective, convenient and easy to use and gives you three product options to choose from for secure and fast online casino transactions.

The fact that it is accepted in over 40 countries and hundreds of online casinos speaks for itself. This solution has an incredible reputation in general, especially in the online gambling industry, and has proven to be effective and useful for players who want hassle-free online banking at casino sites. The fact that it is backed by the Financial Conduct Authority further proves that it is a solution that can be trusted.

FAQs on Paysafecard Deposits

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is essentially a prepaid card, but it has evolved so much that it now offers other services, such as an online account with which to check balances and make online payments, and Paysafecard MasterCard.

Do you charge a fee when I deposit money into my account?

Yes. These fees are small and apply to special cases. Starting in the 13th month of prepaid card use, you will need to pay a $3 service fee. There is a $5 fee for non-performing accounts, and a $6 redemption fee if you request a refund. There is also a currency conversion fee, so make sure you fund your account in your own currency to avoid unnecessary charges.

Can I recharge my account using my mobile device?

Sure. If you have your prepaid card with you or have logged into your My Paysafecard account via your mobile device, you can easily top up your account with it by simply following the instructions. If you prefer, you can also download the app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Can I get a special bonus for playing with Paysafecard?

Believe it or not, yes. Some of the best casinos with Paysafecard give players a special bonus if they deposit with a prepaid card. This bonus can come in many forms, but usually it’s a Reload Bonus or Bonus Match.

Does Paysafecard offer customer service?

Yes. Paysafecard has a well-known customer service team, and you can contact agents via email, hotline, or through the website’s 24/7 feedback form.

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