Dhauli Books was started by our founder renowned writer, translator and literary curator Manu Dash in 2016. Since then we have published literature of almost every genre and we take pride in publishing new as well as acclaimed writers. We are committed to showcasing writers who are not just important and innovative, but also a delight to read. Dhauli Books is situated in Bhubaneswar: the capital city of Odisha with an international scope and deep regional roots


Dhauli Books is committed to creating new inspiration for readers and enriching communities by expanding the definition of what literature is, what it can do, and who it belongs to. Our focus is on poetry, literary fiction and nonfiction with varied approaches to the relationships between essay, memoir, and narrative. If we specialize in anything then it’s in finding genuine writing and giving it the attention it deserves.

It manifests in a meticulous editing and a fierce commitment to the dignity of the book and its reader. Ecological stewardship is another focus in our book production practices. Our books are original paperbacks. They offer qualities such as meticulous design and typography, acid-free papers, sewn bindings, nonscuff matte lamination. The writing is meant to last; so is our book.


Our vision is to be the nation’s leading independent literary publisher and to demonstrate our vision for the future of literature through innovative projects that broadens and deepens literature’s relevance to the world.

Dhauli Books strives to publish books that enrich and engage, and also to provide a platform for lively discussion and debate. By collaborating with academic and community organizations we are able to extend the reader’s experience beyond the pages.