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Anubhav Tulasi

About the book

“Deword is a collection of poems originally written in Assamese by Anubhab Tulasi,an acclaimed poet. K Satidananda, an eminent Indian poet says on Tulasi: Anubhav Tulasi’s poems are dense and honest; they are local and universal at the same time. The strong lyrical vein that characterises many of these poems is intercepted by narratives from the present and the past and philosophical musings on our passing existence on earth. Plants, beasts and human beings are in a dreamy dance in this unique world that re-energises poetic language with myths and memories. Their earthy village-smell is complemented by a deep insight into nature and life.’Besides, A J Thomas, another acclaimed poet and editor of Indian Literature says about his poems: The poetry of Anubhav Tulasi draws our attention to the intricacies of the individual who experiences the world; it is not merely a dialogue between the self and the outside. Irrespective of the subjects he handles, he uses the exact modes of expression to bring out maximum effects. The lines: Who’s moulding fire-horned arms/ from bolts of lightning crushed to dust/- from ‘Democracy of Umbrellas,’ is but one example.’”

Pages: 134 pages


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Akhilesh is an acclaimed short-story writer.

He edits the reputed literary magazine Tadbhav for which he has received the Katha Award and the Ayodhya Prasad Khatri Sammaan .

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