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Ek Khali Ghar Ghus Aya Mere Bhitar

Nilim Kumar

About the book

“Nilim Kumar is one of the most popular and finest Assamese poets whose poems have been translated into many Indian as well as foreign languages. Winner of the Raza Foundation Award, Uday Bharati National Award and Shabda Award, Nilim Kumar has been widely translated into French, English, Hindi, Odia, Nepali, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, and other languages. The clarity and simplicity in the texture of his poetry is deceptive, for it both provokes and enriches the reader. Critics are often eloquent about Nilim’s poems: There is a clear-sightedness about Nilim Kumar’s poetic gaze. Gentle, spare, mild-mannered, apparently unencumbered by the need to have things mean any more than they do, these poems have the ability to record without editorializing, to observe without underscoring, to state without inflecting. At the same time, a dark humour and unobtrusive artistry lurk behind these casual, almost deadpan utterances.’ ‘Nilim Kumar’s poems are oddly haunting, and far more sophisticated than their surfaces suggest. There are moments of sudden insight in throwaway lines, and insights more penetrating than one might initially suppose. This is poetry that speaks the language of curves rather than angles, of suggestion rather than statement.’ ”

Pages: 112 pages


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Nilim Kumar

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