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A Brief History Of Silence

Manu Dash

About the book

“These are poems of bitter anguish and dark irony…. ask searching questions about a world of burning silences and unhealed contradictions.” says Arundhathi Subramaniam ; K. Satchidanandan describes : “Manu Dash’s poems deal with a wide range of experiences and often uses fresh images and metaphors to articulate them…. He puts irony to good use, especially while commenting on the narcissism of a good majority of the writers of our unkind time.” ; Manohar Shetty opines “…In a language uniquely his own, this is a collection that will accentuate the growing range of fresh voices emerging from the subcontinent.” ; Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih adds “…Yet his keen, incisive gaze is ultimately sympathetic and positive, and the world he sees may be best described as ‘a caterpillar’ emerging as ‘a butterfly’, only to find life ‘risky / But beautiful’ while C.P.Surendran describes these poems “…Dash’s strength is his ability to make out the fragile filament of truth burning deep in the grayness of things. The world is a more naked—and more luminous–place for his poems.”

Pages: 80 pages


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Manu Dash

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