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Cast Out

Sucharita Dutta - Asane

A village woman protests the taboo around menstruation while her husband, the temple priest, hovers between his love for his wife and his dreams for the future. A wife challenges her husband’s memory rather than give in to its loss. A journalist boasts of.....

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Three Plays

Annie Zaidi

ANNIE ZAIDI writes across genre and her body of work includes reportage, essays, fiction, drama, film and graphic storytelling. She is the author of Gulab, Love Stories # 1 to 14, and Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits ....

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Baman Arzee

Chandrahas Choudhury

Arzee the dwarf is perceptive, tender, gritty, and funny. In his intimate, nuanced portrait of Arzee, a man searching for the ingredients of a normal life-a job, love dignity-moving and insightful" Vikram Chandra --Vikram Chandra

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Janamaru Marana

Kamalakanta Mohapatra

Janamaru Marana is Odia writer and translator Kamalakanta Mohapatra's autobiography. A rumbustious childhood, a ruminative middle age, most of it spent in civil service, and a self-introspective old age offer glimpses of the growth ....

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